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Welcome to the Free Massage Course

Learn Massage Free!



Learn Massage Free!

17 classes taught by Will Green, the founding President of the International Massage
Association, with over 30,000 hours of experience! Experience counts!

All of the classes demonstrated on this web site are free with absolutely no
obligation to buy anything else. We simply want to bless you,
and any donations to this work are greatly appreciated.


The better you feel about yourself, the healthier you become. There are things you can do to improve your own self-image. Will gives you some ideas that have helped him become the person he is today.

Having just read a report about Dr. Joe Greer of Miami, Florida and his FREE clinics. Will is in total agreement with this renowned amazing healer. Dr. Greer’s mantra is “Let’s prevent sickness!” It’s easier to stay well than to get well!

Do not make perfect the enemy of good.

Get started now!


Practice makes perfect. You cannot practice until you have first learned your art, trade or profession! So many times we want everything to be perfect before we move forward toward our goal, and we never even get started. Perfect is not usually the first step! Perfect is the completion of the goal, and it requires all of the steps to be taken from the inception of the idea to its finish.

Wisdom is knowing how to begin. To challenge FEAR and take that very first terrifying step, step out in faith!

Here is my challenge to you. Study all of these FREE classes and when you feel confident, order the entire course. You are not obligated to ever order anything, but my sense is that you probably will. Mending broken bodies feels good! Love another, and they will probably love you back.

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