Learn How The Free Massage Course Got Started

Georgetown Bodyworks was founded in 1982 by Miraa Neill in Washington, DC as a multidisciplinary Stress Management Center offering Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Rolf Movement, Rolfing, and Massage.

In 1984 Miraa moved the practice to Connecticut Avenue, NW across the street from the National Zoo, and concentrated on Rolf Movement, Rolfing and Massage.

In 1988 at an East Coast Rolfing Convention Miraa met Will Green who was the Keynote Speaker introducing the work of Joseph Pilates. Will taught Rolfers how to lengthen the torso of their clients by at least one inch and often as much as three or four inches.

Gravity compresses the spine and it can be returned to its youthful height by learning Will’s Spinal Rejuvenate Technique, a form of Rolf Movement and Tae Kwon Do.

The model on the stage in Will’s presentation was lengthened over an inch in less than fifteen minutes!

Miraa invited Will to join her and add Pilates to her practice. In 1989 Georgetown Bodyworks Pilates Studio was added and became the largest Pilates on the East Coast.

In 1989 Miraa and Will married and together grew Georgetown Bodyworks. Miraa was one of the top Rolfers in the United States and had been trained personally by Dr. Ida Rolf in California. Miraa insisted that Will learn massage and massage took over Will’s attention. To date, Will has over 30,000 hours of practice and thousands of students. Many of Will’s students were registered nurses and chiropractors’ spouses. 

In 1990 Canadian Deep Muscle Massage was created in Georgetown Bodyworks by Will Green and was the motivation to found the International Massage Association, Inc. for his original 90 students in 1994. The International Massage Association was reorganized and moved to Northern Virginia in 1999 and became IMA Group, Inc. 

Georgetown Bodyworks has trained hundreds of massage professionals and certified many of them.

In October 2009 Will decided to give Canadian Deep Muscle Massage to the world for free as a way to help couples learn massage to heal their families. Couples who massage each other connect in a deep way through touch, Haptics. Massage increases circulation and flexibility and relaxes stressed tight sore muscles.

Hundreds of couples over the past 13 years have emailed Will telling him how they have helped their families overcome maladies, pain, and suffering. Some couples have fallen back in love again nurturing each other.

As of New Year’s Day, 2023 over 100,000 people have visited the 17 videos of the Free Massage Course on YouTube. Over 8,000 people have viewed the 17 How to Build a Massage Practice videos.

Georgetown Bodyworks introduced Canadian Deep Muscle Massage in 1990.

On January 1, 2023, Georgetown Bodyworks introduced Terahertz Massage using the original Georgetown Bodyworks Terahertz Light made in the USA and only available through Georgetown Bodyworks. 

Each Georgetown Bodyworks Terahertz Light is handcrafted.

Terahertz Massage enhances every other modality of massage with the addition of quantum physics. The Georgetown Bodyworks Terahertz Light doesn’t physically touch the body and can be done through clothing either standing, on a massage therapy table, massage chair or sitting on a straight chair.

Professionals can be certified in the technique by Georgetown Bodyworks with over 40 years of Stress Management history.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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