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LESSON 16: Find a Good Professional

19 July 2011 19 Comments

Find a good massage professional!

Do you want a mechanic or an artist? You need to test the market and try a ninimum of ten massage professionals to find your match.


  • Pamela said:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your videos! And you didn’t offend me about the breast massage. I think everyone should learn to do it.


  • Will Green (author) said:

    Hi Pamela,

    Thank you so much for your comment on my http://freemassagecourse.com blog. I’d be grateful if you would share the link to the free massage training with all your clients. I visited your website at http://pamej.com. I like the title of the ebook “You CAN beat the WInter Blues.” I have a friend who helped me set up Free Massage Course and you may be interested in contacting him. He can help you build your business, reaching more people with less effort. His name is Joseph Peck and his email is joseph@empower2000.com .

    Thanks again., Will

  • Pamela said:

    Hi Will,

    You are very welcome.. Thank you for commenting back. I sure will share! I have already been using your techniques on friends. As a matter of fact I will be using the tension headache one on a friend today. I will let you know how it works.

    Thank you for visiting my website. I am a small start up business so as you can imagine I have alot going on outside of the web page so you can see I don’t get to update it to where I would like it to be. I am always learning & learning. I have gotten so much already just from your free videos and would like to earn some more money to get your full version and the MAT.

    Thank you also for your referral!


  • Fidel said:

    Hi Will, How do I order your course? Thanks!

  • Pamela said:

    Hi Fidel,
    I think if we phone him maybe we might get him. I am really interested in the course too.
    These videos have really helped me to help people!


  • Pamela said:

    Fidel, I got ahold of him by phone

  • ariel said:

    Hi Will,

    Your free videos help me a lot, i can use this to my family specially to my wife who sometimes requesting me to rub/massage her back muscle. now i know the right stroke. thank you very much it is free.i hope there are millions of family benefited on your FREE video.
    Maraming salamat ( “thank you very much” in Filipino )


  • sally Porter said:

    Dear Will,
    I so enjoyed your free course, I took a massage class at Escalen and I have the tape that I’ve watched over and over but I was getting bored with myself and you gave me a lot of pointers to upgrade what i’m doing. My massages are all free but I’m going to try to get my favorite client to reward me with your Message Like a Pro tape.

  • fatima said:

    I am very thank you, for everythink I am learning from you.You teacher very well. Iam show I am able to open my business in future. I have bean doing massage in my family.

    tanks alot, God bless you.

    I would like to see massage for pregnant human is possible?

  • Kat said:

    Thank you so much this is so helpful. My husband suffers from chronic muscle spasms and is constantly twitching in the neck, stomach and is in so much pain. It is so important to me that I help him. He is not willing to see a doctor and get medication so we try to find natural remedies. Please if you have any more information that might be able to help let me know.
    We have gone to see EVERYONE about this and nothing has helped. Massage is the only thing that relieves it- for a very short time and then it comes back in a few hours.

    Thanks Will!

    Love Kat :)

  • Wilson Amarante said:

    What a blessed moment when I saw your Free Massage Course. I really enjoy it and makes me feel like taking your 30000 hours in a single shoot. Congratulations!!!
    I saw it over and over again and I think that together with all others real and personal experiences that I had, like yours, I am able to practice here in USA. The only problem is how to get a license without spending a lot of money?
    Your suggestion was to buy the US$ 299.00 Massage Course and then send a check to the school to complete US$ 500.00? Could you please clarify for me how to do it?
    If I buy the US$ 299.00 what else I need to do?

    Thank you, so much for the eternal moments…

  • Seren Doyle said:

    Hi Will,
    I am writing to thank you for your free massage classes. I have done classes before, and I’m a bit of an enigma to most teachers, you see I’m one of the Thalidomide survivors from the UK and I have severely shortened upper limbs. I practice my massage techniques with my feet because of my disability, and find some of the strokes quite difficult, therefore, before I embark on your full course, I need to ask if it is possible to complete, using feet instead of hands as tools?
    I know this is a rather unusual question to ask, but I do hope you can answer it positively.
    Seren Doyle.

  • Consuelo said:

    Hello Mr. Will Green,

    I have to tell you this: I was in tears the entire 17 lessons. I’m so grateful to the Divine for giving me the opportunity to find you. I’m currently unemploy (bankruptcy…my own business for years),went back to school 3 1/2 years ago and graduating in Oct of 2013. Many of my school friends are already certify massage therapists and I have always refuse to take those massage classes. Something I knew inside….did not feel comfortable. Now, after watching your free lessons I GOT IT!!!! I was waiting all my life for this!!! I’m very emotional right now…sorry. Please tell me and guide me to do what I must, to guide others and help them to prevent sickness. Tell me what I need to do?

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


  • Joy said:

    I am currently a licensed Massage Therapist and would like to know if your course is accredited so that it will count as continuing ed credits.
    Thank you for showing some great techniques and making it easy and fun to learn them. I’m sure I will be putting some of them into practice tomorrow .

  • massage course said:

    hi will :),

    i saw you video this is really good to know about massage therapies,i will tell to my friends they also want to know about massage courses.thanks:)

  • Gabriel M. Coan said:

    Thank You so much, Mr.Green. I`m a Brazilian massage student who really needed to understand the principals. Your free course is now part of my e-mail signiture and your dream my dream. Thank You my dear brother.

  • Dianette said:

    Hi Will,

    I would like to thank you for this opportunity to learn more techniques its very helpful for me and my family.
    I have question i took an online class Massage 101 year 2008 and got a 244 hours for that course
    and as of this time i’m kind interested to get your course the $299.00 would that course can add more hrs to what i have? and how can i be certified or get a license in order for to become professional massage therapist i’m living here in California.

    thanks i hope you can help me understand the process of how to become professional massage therapist.


  • debbie anderson said:

    Hi Will!

    Thank you so much for the informational video’s! I learned so much from you about giving the best massage and to save your energy and body from burn-out!

    I’m a hairstylist and have been in the hair restoration field for 25 years! If it wasn’t for massages that I treat myself to, my body would not be able to go on styling for much longer although it is my passion!

    With that said, due to the tremendous positive feedback I receive from my client’s when I give them a scalp massage treatment, and my body telling me to chose another career or be in pain forever ,I am contemplating choosing being a massage therapist!

    I just want to thank you for taking the time to put to gather your video’s to teach someone like me the correct way to be a massage therapist! I know that I have a passion for massage and now thru your video’s I will pursue this passion for my second career in life!

    I will be ordering your course in the near future! Thank you for being a part of my journey in massage therapy! Blessings to you!

    Debbie Anderson- Veteran stylist, future massage therapist!

  • james mcnulty said:

    learned a whole lot from free courses “massage practice basics’ and free massagecourse.com very interesting will be persuing further training and registering with IMA international massage association you founded.as soon as possible!!!

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