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Massage is just plain good
for both of you!

Touch is communication and those who suffer Touch Deprivation SyndromeTM do not achieve as well as those who are tactilely stimulated. Touch is an important aspect of growth.

Mammals are known for nurturing their young. They lick both their young and their mates. Have you ever watched cats groom each other? My office on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. is across the street from the National Zoo. I have often watched the primates groom each other. They do a better job than some people I know!

Learn how to touch your loved ones, and they will respond to you. Every relationship can always be even better than it is today. Practice these free classes on a loved one and then trade places. You will both get high on love!

  • Massage Like A Pro video is available for only $89.95 at www.MassageLikeAPro.com. It comes with another class, The Green Technique video or DVD, which will eliminate back pain and add an inch of height to over 99% of those who experiment with it. It is over 22 years of my work!
  • The entire 14 DVD Structured Touch Massage Course along with a support cushion and training manual is available for only $299 for the first course you purchase and $199 for each subsequent course you purchase on www.MassageCourse.com.The Structured Touch Massage Course is a wonderful gift for your loved ones, and it will change the way couples relate to each other on a tactile level. It feels so good to love your partner this way. Both parties win!
  • You can basically become an inch taller by doing this exercise daily as it will completely relax your entire nervous system. Find out more at www.TheGreenTechnique.com.
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